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Year of the Celt - Readers Reviews

What people are saying about it:

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Helen Reeves-Howard:
I do love a good yarn. And this book is certainly that. It has it all. Adventure, comedy, romance and second to none history.

I love Rob Godfrey's style of writing. It draws you in to each character and makes you really care about them. You have a real sense of impending doom at the future of the tribes. One of the rare talents Godfrey possesses is the ability to really put you in the environment you are reading about. When it is cold you know it is really cold. When you sit around the communal fire you feel the hostility or camaraderie of the characters in question.

I am looking forward to the next instalment.

L. Barker, Amazon:
"Finally fnished Year of the Celt: Imbolc and what a book! A real insight to how our forefathers struggled to survive during the ice age of 2500 years ago in Yorkshire.

I can see this book/series being made into a classic film, all the ingredients are there, love, jealousy, blood, sweat and tears, as a village tries to cope with the changing climate and all the problems that the ice age causes. The author describes the weather conditions so thoroughly that I could feel the frostbite on my fingers!

The first book is full of promise and leads us on to wait impatiently for the next one to find out if the characters we have grown to like can survive in the freezing elements. The author describes himself as a bit of a nerd as he finds out the phases of the moon via Nasa to correspond with the actions in his book! Makes the book even more realistic and well worth the read.

Joe R, Amazon:
"So, what happened as the last Ice Age dawned, how did early man cope, and what did he do? Year of the Celt: Imbolc will give you an insight into early man's struggle to come to terms with what we now call climate change. It may be fictional - I doubt whether the author is writing a first hand account - but it gives us a peek into human nature, as well as the world of the time. Well written with excellent characterisation and story lines.

Download it today,you may learn something about the indomitable nature of the human spirit. Looking forward to the next instalment.."

R J Askew Goodreads blogger (extracts):
"Two themes dominate this fine piece of historical fiction set 2,500 years ago: savage winter weather and immigration.

Everything has changed in the last 2,500 years, yet nothing has changed. This was one of the things that made Year of the Celt: Imbolc such a fascinating read, the familiarity of the issues facing Callan, Weland and Sealgair. The red-haired tyke having a row with a Polish guy over a parking space at his local Sainsbury's in Bingley could easily be Sealgair.

I enjoyed Year of the Celt: Imbolc It caught my imagination early on and led my curiosity throughout. I grew to like some of the characters and shared their concerns for their future. They felt very human, very real, as did the problems they were struggling to survive. Morbod, a grumpy boatman on the River Lune, and Maccus, a myopic but sage old stone carver were esp well drawn secondary characters.

Another aspect of the story that won me was that it was about a village at the back of nowhere. There must have been thousands of such places facing such survival issues in our history.

The story is well constructed also. The first two thirds fascinate and jog along nicely, with some great action, but it is in the last third from Chapter 22 onwards that things really take off as the consequences of the stresses facing the characters come to a climax.

I commend Year of the Celt: Imbolc to you. "

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