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People have walked these steep paths and winding tracks for thousands of years; looked out too over the ancient woods and windswept moors with a sense of belonging and wonder. This valley has always been a place of beauty but it has not always been an easy place to live. The struggles and triumphs of past generations always fade over the ages, but the story of the Scefinge (the people below the ridge) is a story worth retelling.

In the shadow of the great Scefin ridge, 2,500 years ago when the Brigantes ruled the north, a tiny community ekes out a precarious but half-decent living, largely ignored and indifferent to the shifting currents of the outside world. But the climate is rapidly deteriorating, triggering events many leagues to the north in the lands of the Carvetii. As the Scevinge huddle by the hearths in their roundhouses they can have no idea of the approaching chaos...

Everyone's village and ancestors?

Year of the Celt is set in the years 499-498 BC. It's a story of ordinary people, living in a tiny settlement in a time long ago, struggling to cope in a changing world.
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